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the RV Park in Japan

Updated: Nov 26, 2018

111 affiliated facilities as of November 25, 2018


The concept of the RV Park in Japan is to provide "a place where you can stay comfortably and safely in the car".

The RV Association is organized for the users of the camper and the user who is staying in the car.

In collaboration with day hot spring facilities, auto camping grounds, hot water YOU park, in addition to street stations nationwide, plans to open various parts of Japan in the future.

Please use RV Park as a style of your new easy travel method.

RV Park · Facilities list is here


RV Park aims to "provide a safer and safer car journey" to everyone in a rental car, including the owner of the camper.

basic way of thinking

Formally giving permission to those who wish to stay at the parking lot.

There is a fee, but there are also power supply facilities. However, it is not a so-called campground, so please do not cook outside the car.


Paid sections are available for part of the parking lot etc. Therefore, people who obtained permission can park and stay in the car.

A wider space is secured than the general parking lot and it is possible to stay for about a week.

On the facility side, we accept 100V power supply facilities and acceptance of garbage disposal.

All RV parks have toilets available 24 hours a day.

Bathing facilities are also available at many RV parks.

General usage

Although reservation is unnecessary for most RV parks, reservation is mandatory for some RV parks.

(There are restrictions on the number of vehicles that can be used during the busy season)

If you arrive at the site, please accept reception first.

(Please note that there are different price settings and rules for each facility)

Within your own space, you can also pick up chairs and tables from the car and place them.

Of course, customers other than the camper can also use it.

Prohibited items on use

Cooking outside the car is prohibited.

Direct fire is prohibited. (Please do not fire fires or barbecue without direct flames.)

Please stop the engine while parking (idling is forbidden).

Use of generators and noise is prohibited. It causes annoyance to customers (customers).

It is forbidden to throw away garbage and cigarettes and leave unnecessary things.

Regarding drainage, confirm whether or not each facility is in use, and confirm its validity, and follow the rules of the facility concerning its treatment method.

Even if it is a gray tank, please stop flowing out on the spot absolutely.

We are not responsible for any accidents or theft inside the parking lot.

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