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Welcome to Rentacan Narita.

   Our camper van rental service is safe, and you can stay at any of your favorite parking lot in Japan.

    Fuji, Kyoto, ski resort. Please drive to the place that you would like to go.

    Renting a camper van is definitely cheaper than paying a hotel cost and railway pass fee in a normal trip.


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Camper van



5 Nights
Mt Fuji Road Trip
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About Reantal Fee

¥1,500/ 1day


This insurance covers damages to camper equipment.

ex) door, fan, freezer, fridge, etc.


Insurance with no refund payment



Compensation Exemption system

¥1,500/ 1day

If you join this system, you will be exempted from paying compensation (¥100,000 vehicle compensation charge) from your own expense when an accident occurs.

If more than one accident has occurred during the same rental, this insurance will only cover compensation for the first accident.

After rending a camper van, you can not cancel this insurance.

International drivers (people who have an international driver's license) have to buy these insurances of both A and B.

This is the essential requisite for a rental car contract.

Insurance fee refunding

 The payment of insurance will be refunded if the insurance contract is canceled before you started the use of a camper van.
     The payment of insurance will not be totally or partially refunded if the insurance contract is canceled after you started the use of a camper van.


”Busy season”  refer to  Golden Week Holidays(April 27th – May 8th), Silver Week Holidays (July 1st - September 25th), New year's holidays (December 30th - January 2nd), and 2nd of February to 10th of February.

Please inquiry our staff for further information about the holidays.

If there is no returning of camper van even after the business hours of the returning day, extra fee will be added by 1000 yen per 30 minutes.


※Consumption tax is not included in the rental fee.
※Make sure to fill up the fuel tank when you return the camper van.

The real pleasure of the trip with a camper van

   The pleasure of traveling with a camper van is that you can go anywhere you like without having to book the hotel. Even if you don’t eat fine dinner at the hotel, you can spend a pleasant time at cheap and tasty local restaurants and pubs.
   Of course, you do not have to worry about the time of check-in / check out time. Also, since there is no reservation, it is possible to extend the night at the land you liked. 
   It's a perfect trip style for those who like freestyle travel.

   For people who have hobbies such as outdoor, fishing, snowboarding, camper traveling is the best choice. Also, after your activity, you can relax in a day-trip hot spring, which we have many in Japan. 

   Enjoy traveling is something different from ordinary life. Even on such a trip, once you open the door and step in the camper van, you can have relaxed as you relax at your home.

Enjoy a dense real trip feeling

The journey of a camper is like a backpacker that goes by car.

Everything is self-responsibility, but you can decide where you stay, where you go, what you do, your day.



Even if we talk about traveling with a campervan now, people, family composition and usage are people.

Of course, the merits and demerits also vary depending on the application.


As you like, do what you want to do, do what you want to do.


It is the privilege of a camper that can travel like that. The basic elements of the trip are as follows.


1, destination (destination)

2, what to do (the purpose of the trip)

3, how to go (transportation method · time)

4, Accommodation (Accommodation)

5, What to eat (meal)

In the case of a camper, all elements have excellent degrees of freedom.


1, Where to go


You can make a detailed plan and make a solid travel, or make a rough plan and make a free trip or choose.

A rough plan is to start from Tokyo and decide whether to go to the east, the west of Japan, or the Sea of ​​Japan side,

There is also a style called a haphazard journey.

A casual and enjoyable journey is possible.


2, What to do

In the trip of a camper, you and anyone can do whatever you want without any time constraints.

Even if you enjoy sightseeing or nature, you are just relaxing.

If you have a small child, after sightseeing in the morning, you and children can take a break with a camper.


3, how to go

Listen carefully how to use the car at the sales office.

Load baggage. Then you can leave at any time.

Please take a schedule that you can afford for around 1 hour 30 minutes before you depart, including moving from the airport.


4, where to stay

Camping car of course.

The greatest advantage of a camper is that the hotel is unnecessary.

"The car will be a house" This is the basis to enable a free journey.


5, what to eat

The usual Japanese travel dinner is basically supposed to be eaten at the inn, which is included in the price


One tired travel tip is a way to avoid road congestion in big cities and surrounding areas like Tokyo.

Just one hour I began to sleep in the service area and moved in the middle of the night.

When everyone got up early and started moving in a traffic jam, we were walking around sightseeing spots.

And you can line up at the most popular eateries at the front.

This satisfaction is wonderful.


Of course, borrowing a camper also has a little problem.

Since there are drawbacks, I will introduce it here honestly.

1, About driving

"Please think that the body is a little big, but driving itself is not difficult, but when you get on the highway you will be affected by the wind, so you need attention"


2, ride comfort

Ride comfort. First of all, driver's seat and passenger seat are the same ride feeling as other cars with high car height.

Comfort is as comfortable as home, but the back seats have a lot of tremors while traveling.


3, sleep with a camper and RV

First, the space above the driver 's seat. Children are suitable for sleeping here. They love high and narrow places.

Next, the bunk bed behind the camper.

However, although there are both the upper part of the driver's seat and the bunk bed, the car itself shakes a little.


Therefore, the recommended space is the third space of the expansion bed.

Expansion of the camper bed

It is a seat and table place, but by quickly unfolding the table and opening the seat, it turns into a flat space quickly!

People who care about vibration can sleep comfortably here.


4, Laundry

We need to handle laundry, such as using a long-term travel coin launderer.

Most campsites have a coin launderette


5, I need to use electricity (battery) carefully.

Unlike a house, the electricity of the camper is limited.

It is safe to charge and stay at the auto camping ground once every 3 days.


● Summary


You will be good at changing the schedule for a camper trip.

"The planned Pacific side was falling, so changing to the Sea of ​​Japan side quickly was the best sea!"

Or you can enjoy sightseeing and indoors because the weather is bad.

Because it seems to be congested and severe, let's head to other tourist spots.

I do not feel well, I seem to be sleeping slowly in the morning.

Today I will soak in warm hot water.

Flexible response is possible.


In the case of children with children, the best place for children to enjoy their meals is in the interior of a camper. Even if you make a big fuss, even if you cry, there is no problem.


Sea and river in the summer and snow mountain in the winter are the best. Going to various attraction theme parks is also a good destination.


People traveling together and people who are interested also vary. A suitable motorhome and camper will promise you a pleasant journey.

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