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The road trip chasing the beauty of fall foliage ”KOUYOU”

Updated: Nov 17, 2018

Our Customer Journey at Japan camping car rental.

Japanese people love the beauty of fall foliage.

It is a popular activity in Japan during the autumn. In this season, the leaves turn red and

yellow. Many people go to see the autumn leaves and enjoy it, which is called momiji-gari.

So, when should you come to Japan for the autumn foliage?

The best seasons to see the autumn foliage in Japan is from mid-November to mid-December.

Here is one of the most beautiful autumn foliage spots.

the first night we stay at Lake Chuzenji

camper van
camper van

Lake Chuzenji is the largest lake in Tochigi, framed by 25 kilometres of incredible nature. The area used to be a popular summer resort for foreigners in the late 19th to early 20th centuries. The villas of French and Belgian embassies can still be found here. You can enjoy seasonal charms by the lake. Walking trails surround the water’s edge and there is an excursion boat available on the lake. The views from the lake are spectacular, particularly when the cherry blossoms or azaleas are blooming or when the autumn leaves are turning. The “Koyo-meguri” tour, enjoying autumn leaves reflecting on the lake, is highly recommended.

rv camping car rental
rv camping car rental

2nd night we stay at KINUGAWA

so far so good!

This area is one of the most famous hot spring resort that houses many ryokans and hotels along the Kinugawa River. The area also has many theme parks and attraction. Because of the good transport to and from this area, it is recommendable to set this hot spring resort as your base for traveling around Nikko.

camper van rentals
camper van rentals

Campervan hire japan is Rentacan Tokyo

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