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RENTACAN Narita International Airport store rental Let's go to Japan's Narita specialty at Hiace! 


A long-established store founded in the Meiji era "rice cake nurse rice cake"

Rice shop of old-fashioned confectionery waste founded in Meiji 32 in front of Naritasan Shinshoji Temple. Originally as the name suggests, it is said to be a rice grain store, but the chestnut shepherd made there is said to be the sheep that used the first Japanese chestnut. It seems that he got a hint from chestnuts using chestnut steamed with Ninjisan's devout cuisine, who thought that she used chestnuts for sheepskin.

This dish that the founder Mr. Oka made can still be purchased at the shop. Regarding this sheepskin, there is Narita Yohiko Materials Room in the premises, anyone can feel free to browse the data room. Since exhibitions etc. are also held, it would be good to visit there as soon as you buy Yeoh.

In addition, Western-style confectionery using specialty peanuts as Chiba prefecture is also sold at the shop. Because both Japanese and Japanese are available, we can accommodate a wide range of needs.

Basic information

Name: Nagomi Rice Shop Main Office

Address: 500 Narita-shi, Chiba-ken

TEL: 0476-22-1661

Opening hours: 8: 00-18: 00

No regular holiday

Access: 8 minutes on foot from Narita station

明治時代創業の老舗店「なごみの米屋 栗羊羹」





名称:なごみの米屋 總本店







The oldest rice cake shop in Narita "Rice crackers in Hayashida"

Hayashida rice cracker is being held as the oldest rice cracker store in Narita city. It is an old-fashioned rice cracker making all from cloth, is the current shopkeeper and is the third generation. This is selling rice crackers from the first year of Taisho here, that at Narita Shinto, it is the original rice crackers.

At the shop there are skewers to sell the rice crackers that people who came to visit Naritasan to have fun do it. Because it is perfect for eating at a reasonable price, it would be better to enjoy the road to Naritasan while walking on the approach road.

It is a shop for souvenirs, and it is about 15 minutes on foot from JR's Narita station so please stop by and stop by.

Basic information

Name: Hayashida rice cracker

Address: Koicho 490, Narita-shi, Chiba-ken

Access: 11 minutes on foot from Narita station









Narita's famous shop "Goto Dango shop" continuing from the Edo period

There are various food stores in the approaching path toward Naritasan Shinshoji Temple. One of them, the dumpling shop, founded in the Edo period called 1845, is here Goto Dango shop. At a long-established dumpling shop where history is introduced as well as being introduced in television and magazines, we offer fresh, freshly made rice cake as "Yadane".

It is also fascinating that someone who uses secrets inherited is used. The crisp texture of the surface is due to rice flour. Aside from Naritayama 's visit, it is good to try agreeing with dumplings with one hand. Please stop by all means.

Basic information

Name: Goto Dangoboya

Address: 499 Uecho-cho Narita-shi, Chiba Prefecture

TEL: 0476-22-2560

Access: 10 minutes on foot from Narita station


photo by k_nr / embedded from Instagram








Enjoy the taste of a famous restaurant loved for a long time "Genta no Gotaro"

Kintokuro Kotaro, founded in 1961, is selling in red bean paste with red bean paste and white bean. Hot big broiled wrapped in thin leather, the price is also reasonable. I do not think that it is obsessed with the fragrance of freshly baked, you can eat both red bean paste and white bean custard. It is a hat to say that I'm particular about red bean paste, because I say I can go and go to Hokkaido.

A shop often taken up for magazines and others. Because you have a large signboard with Gintamaro on the roof, you should be able to find it soon. It is recommended that you taste the taste of the shop, which is said to have a constant queue, visiting Narita mountain.

Basic information

Name: Kanematsu no Gentaro

Address: 527 Hanazaki cho, Narita-shi, Chiba Prefecture

TEL: 0476-22-0823

Access: 3 minutes on foot from Narita station









RENTACAN Narita International Airport Store

245-388, Taragai, Narita-shi, Chiba, 287-0242, Japan(near by Narita Airport)

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