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Mr,Teddy Li san

Model of the car :MUSH.

Term of use:4/28 ~4/30 3nights.

Q How was the trip in Hokkaido with Camper van ?

   Would you recommend your friends?

 It is very fun and free experience although it rains and caused inconvenient.

 It is valuable to be able to choose a nice place for camping.

 I definitely will travel again but to avoid the Golden week so that the traffic will be more smoothly.

Q How was our service?  Are you satisfied?

 Very good and very friendly.

 If Whatapp, wechat, Line etc to be used for communication with customers will be much convenient.

Q Are there any service we are not providing that you would like to see us provide?

 If the space of camping car is larger would be better.

 Because It will be a bit crowded for a person taller than 175cm to sleep in the

 camping car.

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