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Mr,Shuyu Lo

Model of the car :MUSH

Term of use:1/25 ~1/29 5nights

Q How was the trip in Hokkaido with Camper van ?

   Would you recommend your friends?

It is very good and convenient. No need to pack the luggage and is mobile I strongly recommend.

The packing places are easily to be found everywhere.

I will patron next time.

The heater are not functional at the last day of trip.

The heater are operated normally except that day.

It is a little bit regret.

Q How was our service?  Are you satisfied?

Very nice. We have made the employee to wait for a hour.

The employee is still smile to welcome us.

Q Are there any service we are not providing that you would like to see us provide?

Because the limited space of our luggage.

It would be great if you could provide free sleeping bags or blankets,so that we do not have to bring those stuffs to Japan.

The spaces of luggage can be saved for carrying back the products we brought.

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