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Mr,Cameron Dening san

Model of the car :MUSH

Term of use:2/28 ~3/11 12nights.

Q How was the trip in Hokkaido with Camper van ?

   Would you recommend your friends?

 We have a really great times. It was a great way to seem the country side of Japan.

    The cities were a little bit harder (navigation, parking, narrow streets),

 but we enjoyed it.

Q How was our service?  Are you satisfied?

Service was always friendly. Obviously, we had some major issued with

  The water pump, and heater, but they did their best from the distance

  we were away.

Q Are there any service we are not providing that you would like to see us provide?

- A more in depth introduction to the van, its looking and features.Maybe a menu with pictures, in English?

- Proper navigation in English, Good Maps was pretty terrible.

- The table was very slow, so using it is stressful driving shoulder was hard.

- Being able to connect to stereo via Bluetooth would be nice.

- Curtain for the door.

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