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As a way to travel around Japan,There is a style called night in the car.

As a way to travel around Japan,

There is a style called night in the car.

It is a unique style.

This is because it is safe wherever you are in Japan.

Make the rear seat of the minivan a flat layout,

If you are a couple with two people, use bedding there and go to bed as it is.

On the way such as road station and service highway service area,

You can make a nap.

For example, suppose you go for a ski trip by car.

If it is about 2 nights 3 days,

You will arrive at the ski resort at midnight.

And, you can sleep soundly until the morning.

On the way back you can enter the hot springs and eat local delicious local cuisine. Or you may drink sake.

That money is the accommodation fee that was supposed to be used for the hotel.

Then, after going to bed slowly, you can run on the empty road early in the morning.

Also, fireworks festival, marathon, outdoor concert, sightseeing festival,

Flexible time such as location and place of accommodation

The number of young people using minivans staying in the car is increasing.

I will explain that it is "fun night before sightseeing". I can feel a little adventurous.

In the rentacan,

In response to this need,

We are preparing not only camper van but also van for night in the car like a Delica of Mitsubishi Motors, Hiace of Toyota,

With a tent,

There are abundant supply of optional supplies outdoors.

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