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About ETC card rental (free / mandatory store reservation)

Rentacan Narita store has ETC onboard equipment for camper.

For foreign tourists who do not have an ETC card,

ETC cards are rented for free.

Please make a reservation in advance.

Many major Japanese car rental companies charge rental fees to users.

How to use

About ETC card rental (charged / required reservation)

ETC card rental is a service to rent out "rental ETC card" together with rental car.

Please return the ETC card when returning the car.

Pay fees for highway / toll road based on usage history recorded on ETC card.

About ETC card rental fee


Free rental fee

Usage charge Actual expenses according to usage history of card

1. Observe the system usage rules of ETC and use it.

* Please confirm "ETC system usage regulations" on the ETC general information portal site! etc. (It will be a link to an external site)

2. When returning a rental car, pay all charges such as expressways during the use period based on the information recorded on the ETC card.

* There are fee adjustments and discounts not recorded on the IC chip. (Adjustment of transfer fee at closing, ETC discount service of some road companies)

3. Even if payment is made at the time of refund, if it turns out that the charge is not paid at a later date, we will charge additional charge to the user.

· If you forget to pay the fee

· When it can not be confirmed because of passing history, abnormality of ETC card or checkout machine

4. If you lose or stolen the ETC card, please contact the loan store promptly. Therefore, if we suffer damage due to unauthorized use of a third party, we will request compensation from the lender.

5. We will respond to the user himself / herself concerning the trouble caused by the negligence etc. of the user, and will not bear any responsibility about the rent. (However, those who are accredited as a traffic accident are excluded.)

6. Users can not lend to third parties without the permission of our company or use other than designated cars.

7. When inquiries about ETC card users (including expiration dates) by police and road operators, we will disclose personal information such as name, address, contact information etc. according to your request upon request.

What is ETC

"Non-stop automatic payment system"

When entering the ETC lane on a toll road such as a high-speed highway (installed in the center lane of many roads) at low speed, the opening and closing bar installed on the ETC lane opens without cash. You can pass through the lane without stopping.

In a long distance movement using a highway equipped with a campingcar

As it is a very convenient system, please use it for a comfortable and safe drive by all means.

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